RichFaces 3.3.0.GA - January, 2009



The sections  corresponds to the sections used in the poll The resources will be distributed according to the result of the poll. I.e. 75% is fall of the section 3.


section 1 (New Components)

  • rich:editor - WYSIWYG editor that allows to input the formatted text.  Tiny_mce ( widget is used for component creation. SeamText is supported out of the box. Overview

    The <rich:editor> is documented in "RichFaces Developer Guide".

  • a4j:queue. Global/default queues mechanisms is implemented. Separate component for queues definition is created. Overview

    Read more about <a4j:queue>  in "RichFaces Developer Guide": "<a4j:queue>" - describes the component usage details , and "Queue Principles" covers general aspects of the queue.


More details about  new components and features can be found in "RichFaces 3.3.0 Release: New Components  and Features Overview".

section 2 (Enhancements, Simplifications)

  • ExtendedDataTable component was reviewed and improved according to the community feedback (was introduced in 3.2.2 in "preview" state).
  • Menu Components are improved according to the requests from community. Menu Items now could be used as standalone components. E.g. direct children for the toolbar.  (
  • Data Table improvement - onRowContextMenu event is introduced according to numerous community requests.
  • Framework Queue implementation was fully reviewed and improved additionally to a4j:queue component implementation.

section 3 (Code Stability)

section 4 (Look-n-Feel)



New components in dev guide

  • RF-5042 New component: (x)HTML editor                      

  • RF-4664 The <a4j:queue> component

  • RF-5361 Queue (as a framework element) principles


New features in dev guide

  • RF-5287 inputNumberSlider component two new features description. The feature are - slider orientation can be changed to vertical and arrow    controls for more precise selection are added.

Improvements in description of the components in dev guide

  • RF-4442     File Upload: incorrect component documentation: Table 6.210. JavaScript API - fixed
  • RF-4205     Diagnostic message is described
  • RF-4511     Information on minWidth/minHeight usage in JS options is added
  • RF-3699     Info about UITree#getRowData() is added
  • RF-4512     Info about data pagination in scrollableDataTable is added
  • RF-4216     Description of AjaxKeepAlive tag usage on a page is added. Section "Create the component dynamically using Java" was removed
  • RF-4215     Classnames for all commonTreeListeners entities are changed from "javax.faces.component.UIComponent" to corresponding "org.richfaces.[listener_name]"
  • RF-3136     Additional info about ajaxKeys is added
  • RF-5174    Note is added telling that rich:modalPanel should have its own form inside and be placed outside any external ones
  • RF-5097     fileUpload component description is updated
  • RF-5191     SuggestionBox frequency default value is changed to 400ms
  • RF-5282     Description of the attributes showDetail and showSummary for the rich:message is corrected

  • RF-1138     Tree component built-in drag'n'drop has been described

  • RF-5075     Calendar ondateselected attribute description is updated

  • RF-5467     Code sample in rich:toolTip chapter is corrected. Its description is updated

  • RF-5219    dropSupport: typeMapping attribute description and related paragraph in "Details of Usage"  were updated. Paragraph describing "acceptedTypes" attribute was updated with image and code snippet.

  • RF-5428     The "switchType" attribute descriptions has been corrected for the following components: simpleTogglePanel, tabPanel, tab, togglePanel, tree.

  • RF-3903    Describtion of attributes for <rich:graphValidator> and images of the corresponding section are updated

  • RF-2220    Default values are corrected, new are added.


Improvements in chapters and sections in dev guide

  • RF-4531     Section 2.3 of developer guide that contained wrong information is corrected
  • RF-4069     URLs of resources generated by RF is corrected and info about this is added in the guide
  • RF-4419     Information about "No filters for a pages without RichFaces resources" is added
  • RF-4080     Details for web.xml configuration is added in oreder to successfully integrate fileUpload component with myfaces framework
  • RF-4492     richfaces-usersguide.pdf link is fixed on HTML version, was dead.
  • RF-3117     Wiki: ViewExpiredException workaround is written
  • RF-2799     RF integral parts. info about Prototype, jQuery 1.2.6 and 1.8.1 is added
  • RF-4056     Getting Started with RichFaces chapter is updated
  • RF-4596     Standard Skinning & Portlets note is added
  • RF-4915     JSF version has been updated,  docs are updated as well
  • RF-4542     Docs for web.xml settings incorrectly reference SeamFaceletViewHandler. Fixed.
  • RF-5190     Upgrade to prototype.js and 1.8.2. docs are updated
  • RF-3986     oncomplete documentation in richfaces_userguide.pdf wrong - fixed.
  • RF-3560     Style class attributes are added to docs
  • RF-4060     Cookbook is linked to the the guide

Improvements in FAQ guide

  • RF-5176     "How to launch the RichFaces sample on the JBoss server" section is added
  • RF-5092     Section "Why form isn't submitted or setter isn't called after AJAX request" is updated

  • RF-3860     Info about differences in a4j 3.2.x and a4j 3.1.1 is added

Improvemnts in Migration guide

  • RF-3048     Migration guide is updated. Chapter describing 3.2.x to 3.3.0. migration is added and chapter describing migration from 3.1.x to 3.2.x is updated

Articles and Tutorials

  • RF-4494     Tutorial about developing the Sample application is written. First draft version.
  • RF-5393     Blog article introducing new features of 3.3.0. release is written
  • RF-4933     Web applications security security articles are written.
  • RF-3692     CDK tutorial is updated

Guides build improvements

  • RF-4857     Time and date on online nightly builds now are shown
  • RF-4927     Collapsing on TOC bug is fixed
  • RF-4107     One resources folder is made for all 4 guides
  • RF-5429     Possibility to get an anchor as a link on guide pages is added

  • RF-4644     Possibility to comment each particular page of html docs online - Feedback Form is implemented