RichFaces. What is new in 3.2.0SR1


This SR1 release contains most important fixes for the issues filled by the community after GA. Here is the list:


  • RF-2918 binding does not work for all components in JSP

  • RF-2952 scrollerListener doesn't get fired

  • RF-2953 ScrollableTable. Can't use horizontal scroll after initial rendering.

  • RF-2960 a4j:push and Facelets - eventProducer method won't get called

  • RF-2962 Wrong parameters decoding in internationalized apps

  • RF-2966 ComboBox, in-place input, select & special chars

  • RF-2967 ComboBox, in-place input, select & concurrent environment

  • RF-2981 InlineSelect component : 'fieldValue' shouldbe passed to the components converter when initialized from component.getAttributes().get("value")

  • RF-2986 CDK: incorrect config file generation

  • RF-3058 InPlace Input & ComboBox: load errors on special chars

  • RF-3059 InPlace Select: unescaped text




Improvements in description of the components and features

Components and features of 3.2.0 release


New attributes description

  • RF-3040 calendar: new event attributes "oncurrentdateselected", "oncurrentdateselect" were added

  • RF-2994 new "process" attribute for control components was added


Other improvements

  • RF-2979 classes names for rich:panelMenuGroup were rewritten

  • RF-2880 unnecessary attributes in Tables of attributes were hidden