What is New in 3.1.2


Current Bug fixes


  • RF-243 Action Listener isn't invoked by DEFAULT on the menuItem

  • RF-913 weekDayLabels does not work

  • RF-1029 Menu Item doen't work correctly

  • RF-1047 UITabPanel: if "value" is not available during RestoreView, then ProcessDecodes ignored for child components

  • RF-1070 Panel Menu Item doesn't encodes parameters in server mode.

  • RF-1072 Calendar rich:calendar is squeezed in IE when placed inside a t:panelGrid.

  • RF-1075 Calendar. Mart month all cells displays "1" in day label.

  • RF-1077 Scrollable Data Table : wrong scroll position after scrolling and sorting.

  • RF-1090 TabPanel tabs doesn't encodes parameters in server mode

  • RF-1106 header facet provides <td> html elements instead of <th>

  • RF-1109 RichFaces + Seam 2.0 : IllegalStateException : No active conversation context

  • RF-1112 3.1.2RC1: Javascript error for PanelMenuItem



  • JQuery component created.

  • RF-1096 jquery: id selector expansion


The issue higlighted with bold font - are resolved, but are not closed by QA Team