RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 5-12-2009

New Logo Chosen

   AI Jay: Create jira's to have logo added to project, and wiki

Contacting Igor regarding IRC operator

  AI Jay: Contact freenode about recovery of IRC channel


  Reviewed critical Jira issues

     - 6697 - Nick is going to look at
     - 6733 - Closed as unreproducible & requested more info
     - 7066 - Alex is going to work with Ilya today on this
     - PhotoAlbum packaging - Nick will assist Alex K
     - 7084 - Alex K will work on this

  Still on track for QA handover end of day, and release tomorrow

     - If needed we can shift to Thursday morning, but would rather keep Wed.

3.3.1 Announcements

    AI Jay: Write up announcements today or tomorrow

    AI Svetlana: Draft the update to wikipedia site

Post 3.3.1

  AI Jay: Write up a forum post explaining changes for users in short term


  AI Svetlana: write up email with details of the doc build problem and we can discuss.