RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 4-07-2009

Details in transcript


3.3.1 Status


     two new issues found RF-6725, and RF-6726 appear to be seam-text related with the editor


     Contacted Piotr regarding the issues assigned to him
        He joined after the meet, and will try to take a look at the issues this weekend
        If we need it before that someone should look into this
     Alex needs another day or two for skinning the themes
        We also need to come up with better names than theme1 and theme2
         AI all: try to come up with some alternative theme names
     Memory issues have been found and resolved
     RF-5226 was resolved and the mark up has a 50% improvement in size


    Demo application tutorial will be done this week
       AI Svetlana: notify the group when finished for review

    Nothing critical

Discussed the lack of community involvement in beta's

   Discussed the planned changes for 4.0 - more like seam release schedules
   minium of 3 weeks between CRs, perhaps a month - 6 weeks from a beta to a CR

Jira Discussions

  Discussed all of the critical issues

    RF-6714 - needs to be fixed - piotr will review
    RF-6151 - needs to be fixed - piotr will review
    RF-6686 - needs to be fixed
    RF-4639 - selenium tests are not critical - change to major
    RF-6119 - needs to be broken into multiple issues and are not critical
    RF-6025 - discussed the google analytics hooks for the demo
       AI Jay, Nick: discuss more offline

  Obviously can't cover all of the issues

     - AI All: Review jira
     - AI Jay: Create builds for 3.3.2 CR1, and 4.0 ALPHA1 and 4.0 BETA1

JSF 2.0/RF 4.0 wiki page updates

  - Alex will update by end of week

Deferred a discussion regarding web bean integration for 4.0 until the planning meetings

   My initial thought is that we should focus on both webbeans and seam integraiton
    Seam 3 will be in development at the same time.

Meeting info

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