RichFaces Team Meeting Agenda 6-1-2010


  • Dev
    • Code Freeze this morning
    • No changed except:
      • Release finalization
      • Assembler updates
      • Blockers approved by Alex, Nick and Jay
      • Doc Updates are also possible
  • QE
    • Release to QE planned for end of day Wednesday
    • Dev team will be available to address bugs
  • A2 fixes, M1 work
    • Stable release branches will be created when releasing to QE
      • Bug fixes will be made there
    • M1 development can continue in trunk
    • Note: Trunk will be locked from now until we complete branching


  • Dev
    • Code freeze in 6 weeks from today July 6th
    • Finalization of M1 plans will be end of this week or early next.
    • Team should have enough A2 clean up and M1 tasks already until then.