How to use javascript window.confirmation with onclick on a4j : commandLink


<a4j:commandLink onclick="if (! window.confirm('Are you sure?') ) {return false}" ...... 


Explanation of syntax


First Example:


<div onclick="window.confirm('sure?');alert('you are sure!')" >Click Me</div>     


The alert is shown always. Does not matter, what you click in the confirmation box.


Second example:


<div onclick="return window.confirm('sure?');alert('you are sure!')" >Click Me</div>     


The alert is not shown. Never. Just because, you say return in the first statement. Does not matter, what is returned. If JS interpretor sees a return, it stops the function and returns.


RichFaces puts your code (in this case the window.confirmation() ) in front of the Ajax call.


What to do with the second example to make it workable like it is expected?




<div onclick="if (! window.confirm('sure?')) { return false }; alert('you are sure!')" >Click Me</div>