POJO Cache


POJO Cache is an in-memory, transactional, and clustered cache system that transparently maps operations against an application provided POJO (Plain Old Java Object) to be cluster-wide. POJO Cache uses JBoss Cache as it's underlying storage engine, and thus inherits

the same feature-set.




The current version of POJO Cache is 2.1.0.GA, and is available for download here.


Learning about POJO Cache


See the documentation, and tutorial available here.



Community Support


If you have questions about POJO Cache, you can always ask the community here.





A high-level overall clustering roadmap, including POJO Cache is available [here|



A more detailed roadmap is available in JIRA


Reporting/Finding Bugs


See the POJO Cache jira project, available here


Getting Involved


If you want to contribute to the development of POJO Cache, or want to discuss developer topics like implementation details, the combined Core Cache and POJO Cache development forum is here.




The anonymous svn repo for pojo cache is available at:



There is also a viewvc page here:



The current development branch is for POJO Cache 3.0.0 and is located here




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