JBoss Portal 2.7 Release Guide

Pre Release Check List


Release Testing Process



  • Pick a machine in QA lab for the rest of the process

$ mkdir release

$ cd release


Sanity check:

    • Check the filenames in  release/project/build/output and verify that name tallies with the version number of the releaswe
    • Check in the bundle version that bin/run.conf and bin/run.bat has the -XX:MaxPermSize=256m option
    • Start the bundle version, check that the version number in browser title matches.
    • Deploy jboss-portal.sar from non bundle version to a fresh install of JBoss AS and verify that you get a clean startup
    •         Deploy jboss-portal-ha.sar from cluster version to "all" server configuration of a fresh install of JBoss AS and verify that you     get  a  clean startup
    • Check that there is an examples directory at the root of the binary and bundle versions. Verify that examples deploy correctly.
      • Check that the documentations are included


    Upload to SourceForge

    • We need to upload src, binary and MD5 sums.
    • sftp jbossqa@frs.sourceforge.net. If you don't know the password, ask your teammate. If you don't know who to ask, this wiki is not for you.

    • Once bits have been uploaded, download bundle version and verify that server starts without problem. This verifies that bits did not get corrupted during upload.
    • Send a note to JBoss Portal ML with Sourceforge download URL.
    • Update Jira issue with Sourceforge download URL