Infinispan Roadmap

Infinispan Roadmap

The roadmap for Infinispan is maintained in detail in JIRA, as are estimated release dates, etc.


This page contains a high level overview of what to expect in upcoming releases.



Upcoming Releases


Infinispan 6.0.0 (target release: end of Sep 2013)

Bold and italicised features are considered primary drivers for a major version change.

  1. Remove deprecated APIs and SPIs
  2. Re-think Maven modules and package structure
  3. Stabilize querying
  4. Remote querying (tech preview, based on the design)
  5. Design security
  6. Faster file cache store implementation
  7. X-site state transfer
  8. Integrate the CloudTM extended statistics in Infinispan
  9. Rolling Upgrades for a REST and Memcached cluster
  10. C++ and .NET Hot Rod clients

Infinispan 6.1.0 (target release: end of Jan 2014)

  1. Implement security (based on the design)
  2. Querying over Hot Rod
  3. X-site Reliable Asynchronous Listener (I-RAC)
  4. Design remote Map/Reduce
  5. Transactions over Hot Rod


  1. Native data buffers
  2. Map/Reduce over REST
  3. Map/reduce and querying into CLI
  4. Querying over REST
  5. JDK8 streaming API for distributed data structures
  6. Counters and atomic operations
  7. Events over Hot Rod
  8. Continuous queries/CEP
  9. JSR 347
  10. Multi-tenancy (fine-grained ACL-based security)
  11. Websocket access
  12. Ergonomics (auto tuning and configuration)
  13. Integration with GlusterFS
  14. Optimised cache store to natively use Gluster’s distribution capabilities
  15. Rolling upgrades for in-memory clients
  16. Eventual consistency

  17. Parallel querying/hybrid search based on map/reduce and indexed querying (Dremel)
  18. User-deployable interceptors/keymappers/keyaffinityservices/grouper/etc for Server
  19. Autonomous management via console - SLA based launching and killing of nodes
  20. Data locality and rule-based localisation of data (LEADS)
  21. Better OSGi modularisation

Historic releases

Infinispan 4.0.0 Starobrno (released February 2010)

  1. First cut of the new API

  2. Includes consistent hash based data distribution for high scalability
  3. Includes a TreeCache API for compatibility with JBoss Cache 3.x.
  4. Query API technical preview
  5. RESTful server


Infinispan 4.1.0 Radegast (released September 2010)

  1. Memcached-compliant server module and high-performance cache client
  2. Hot Rod server and client modules
  3. RemoteCacheStore based on server module
  4. LIRS eviction algorithm


Infinispan 4.2.0 Ursus (released December 2010)

  1. Deadlock detection and eager locking to be used together
  2. Deadlock detection optimisations
  3. Eager locking optimisations


Infinispan 5.0.0 Pagoa (released August 2011)

  1. Map/reduce API
  2. Distributed executors
  3. Virtual Nodes
  4. Grouping API for colocating entries
  5. PUSH based rehashing


Infinispan 5.1.0 Brahma (released January 2012)

  1. Enhancements and improvements to transactions and locking schemes
  2. Improvements to buffer size prediction for marshallers


Infinispan 5.2.0 Delirium (target release: Jan 2013)

  1. Improved non-blocking state trasnsfer on cluster chnages
  2. Cross-site replication
  3. Map/Reduce improvements: cache-store integration, API
  4. Rolling-upgrades for Hot Rod clients
  5. Querying improvements



Infinispan 5.3.0 Tactical Nuclear Penguin (target release: 25 June 2013)

  1. Total Order Broadcast (TOB) and Total Order Multicast (TOM) transaction support
  2. JSR 107 implementation
  3. Server end point interoperability
  4. Implementing the replicated mode as a degenerate case of distributed mode
  5. Hot Rod over SSL
  6. Extended statistics (CloudTM)
  7. management console plugin (will be bundled as a part of 1.1)