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RF 4 rich:dataTable filterExpression not filtering on @Named and javax.annotation.ManagedBean

Karsten Wutzke Expert



I've basically taken the code to filter a simple list of items from the RF 4 showcase and the docs. I somehow managed to use the wrong @ManagedBean annotation on the filter bean:


import javax.annotation.ManagedBean;
public class MyListFilter implements Serializable
    private String ownerInput = "";

    public String getOwnerInput()
        return ownerInput;

    public void setOwnerInput(String ownerInput)
        this.ownerInput = ownerInput;



This for some reason never re-rendered the table and also didn't filter...


Can anyone please explain why javax.annotation.ManagedBean and more importantly CDI javax.inject.Named don't work in place of javax.faces.bean.ManagedBean here?