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problem deploying mail template

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I'm using jbpm jpdl suite v3.2.2. I want to notify actors when they're assigned to a task. So I selected the option "Notify" in the task description (in Eclipse), and then the receive mails when the are assigned to a task. It's ok.

But I want to change the mail template, actually :


<mail-template name='task-assign'>
    <subject>Task '#{taskInstance.name}'</subject>
Task '#{taskInstance.name}' has been assigned to you.
Go for it: #{BaseTaskListURL}#{taskInstance.id}
---powered by JBoss jBPM---]]></text>

So, I modified the jbpm.mail.templates.xml file (in the project folder, in the eclipse workspace ) and i selected it in the eclipse deployment tab. But nothing change when i tried, they are still received ...

I think the mail template is not deployed, and jboss server is still using another mail template file.


What do I have to modify ? Where ?