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Why HornetQ showing the - ve Number of messages added to queue.

varsha g Newbie


          I'm using jboss-as-7.1.2.Final-SNAPSHOT (Downloaded from https://ci.jboss.org/hudson/view/All/job/JBoss-AS-7.x-latest/ build  #950 08 May 2012 12:52:24 AM Which uses the hornetQ version HornetQ 2.2.16.Final ). and I've deployed my application which have MDB.

          I examine the Queue from  adminconsole --- > jms destination ---> queue.

          It have the Record for the Messages in Queue, In Delivery, Messages Added, etc.


         The issues was  why I'm getting the ....

               1)  Messages in Queue is a -ve number.

               2)  There shoud never - ve number of message are added in queue.


               I'm writting the message on disk. By Configuring


<address-setting match="#">










         To remove this i've restarted the jboss. There is no effect.


        Is any one goen through the same problem?

        Now how should I remove it?

        Should I need to remove it from the default pagging directory? But is this feasible ?


                Also I've attached the image for the same. Please have look on it.


Thanks in Advance.