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    Can someone provide a working JDBC_PING configuration?

    Eric B Newbie



      I've been struggling for 2 days to get JBoss AS6 cluster working using JDBC_PING, but everytime I start up JB, I get a dreaded error message:


      12:51:31,676 INFO  [JGroupsTransport] Unable to use any JGroups configuration mechanisms provided in properties {channelLookup=org.jboss.ha.ispn.DefaultCacheContainerFactory$ChannelFactoryChannelLookup, stack=tcp, channelFactory=org.jboss.ha.framework.server.JChannelFactory@3891a1, channelId=DefaultPartition-HAPartition}.  Using default JGroups configuration!


      From what I understand, the only change required is to a stock JBoss "all" configuration is the server/all/deploy/cluster/jgroups-channelfactory.sar/META-INF/jgroups-channelfactory-stacks.xml file, and to launch JBoss using -Djboss.default.jgroups.stack=tcp.



      Every combination I have tried keeps coming back with that same error message.


      If anyone has a working JDBC_PING configuration, can you please share the working configuration?  I would greatly appreciate it.