• Generated IDs are too long in RF 4.3.6

    Hello! We have just migrated our web application from RichFaces 3.3.3 to RichFaces 4.3.6 (an MyFaces 2.2.6). Now, we are having the problem, that loading/rendering is quite fast, because the generated html files are...
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  • How to rendering f:validateBean validationGroups value

    Hello All,   i have <f:validateBean   validationGroups="#{operationBacking.validationGroupExper}"> as you see it get the groups value from experssion becuase i need dynamic groups name , but when...
    Mohammad Weshah
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  • How do i get the list which is sorted <Rich:DataTable> in the backing bean

    Hello,   I am showing a list in the <Rich:DataTable> where sorting is enabled. How do i get the sorted list in the backing bean.   Thanks in advance. 
    Aneesh Thannikkal
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  • Richfaces 4.5.x ExtendedDataTable disable selecting some rows from client/server side

    Hi, Just wondering is there a building option for ExtendedDataTable so I can disable some rows for selecting, for example if onbeforeselect return false or onselectChange return false?   I'm using Richfaces 4.5...
    Wang Liyu
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  • Disable DatePicker from client side

    Hi, I'm using Richfaces 4.5.x right now, in my application sometime the datepicker has to be disabled if other component (for example radio buttons changed) changed, I don't want to fire ajax call evertime, is there ...
    Wang Liyu
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  • Overriding Richfaces renderers not working

    Hello all, We are currently trying to upgrade the Richfaces libraries to 4.5.5 Final in our application. Since, we have local look & feel guidelines, we had to customize the Richfaces Calendar and InputNumberSpinn...
    Santosh P
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  • How to Stop Filtering in <rich:select>

    I'm using <rich:select> in my project.My Requirements are: 1) <rich:select> will show the all item as a drop-down. 2)User will be able to give manual input,I have done this by setting enableManualInput="...
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  • Migration of RF3.3 to 4.5.5

    Hello,   Currently i am migrating my application from 3.3 to 4.5.5.I am facing some errors like below. This is client-behavior-renderer-class related error. 16:22:46,996 WARN  [org.jboss.modules] (MSC se...
    Siva P
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  • rich:select null value problem

    After upgrade to RichFaces 4.5 I have a problem with null value in rich:select.   My xhtml looks like this: <rich:select id="id1" value="#{object.property}" converter="#{propertyConverter}">   &...
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  • Moved to RichFaces 4.5.5 Final (deployed on WildFly 8.2 Final) tabPanel & tab won't display

    Haven't used RichFaces since v.3.x with Seam 2.x a couple of years ago. Now have the requirement for an Application with a web front end, using Java 7, CDI /JBoss Weld and RichFaces 4.5 all deployed on WildFly 8.2. fi...
    Roger Lee
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  • Rich faces rich:tree get selected path

    I am developing jsf application using richfaces component library Now i am customizing and using the rich:tree . I want to get the selected TreeNode path ..... I tried of converting UITree to JTree but failed...... ...
    Sathish Kumar
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  • listShuttle Error "has invalid value expression"

    Hi i have some problem with listShuttle i get this error messages listShuttle Component mainform:j_id36 has invalid value expression when i click on the command button to submit, i am not able to fetch the target va...
    Mohammed Farag
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  • RF4.5.0 rich:select

    Hi,   i am using <rich:select> with showutton="true" and enableManualInput true. I need to filter a list and also show the complete list while clicking on the show button.   Is there an event that f...
    created by vijimv
  • Richfaces 4.5.0 popup with dynamic content and a4j:mediaOutput

    Hi,   I have a problem with richfaces 4.5.0 (CR2, Final ...). I use popup for CRUD and in one of my projects I have a a4j:mediaOutput as part of one of those popups. When this is the case, the popup autosize="...
    Laurent Hever
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  • Disabled fields are not readable with Richfaces Skin, how to override it ?

    Hi All,   All the disabled fields are currently being displayed as shown below. I override it but still the textarea is not working as expected. /* Provided Dark Grey Color to all the Disabled Fields, thus mak...
    Sandeep Singh
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  • Install, configure and create a simple Maven Project with RichFaces/Eclipse

    Morning.   I am new here, but this forum was hightly recommended.   I have a collect work to present next week and I am seriously confused.   I am trying to configure and use RichFaces 4.5.4 with Mav...
    Hugo Bastos de Souza
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  • Navigation bar issue

    Good day everyone. I apologize about my english from now.   Im working on RichFaces 3.3.1 with a JBoss 5.1   My software url on navigation bar looks like:   http://ServerName/SOMETHING_WEB/FormName....
  • XML not well formed under Internet Explorer

    I have an application which works as expected under firefox or chrome. It has two radio buttons. Under internet explorer it displays OK until I click on the non-active radio button which cause a dialog box headed 'me...
    John Whitley
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  • BootStrap & Richfaces?

    What would be the easiest way to get Bootstrap skinning to Richfaces 4.5.x? I'm asking about this since RF 5.x has been put on hold a few months back.
    Luis Garcia
    created by Luis Garcia
  • ask confirmation before file upload

    Hi I would like to display a warning popup window when the user clicks on the 'upload' button of a rich:fileUpload component. I tried using the onfilesubmit event, but it does not prevent the fileUploadListener to fi...
    Jean-Noel Colin
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