• Bug: RF 4.5.8 fileUpload =>"java.util.zip.ZipException: invalid literal/lengths set"

    Hi,   My webapp environment is: Glassfish + JSF 2.1.29 + CDI/Weld + DeltaSpike 1.5.0 + Richfaces + JasperReports 6.0.3 + JPA 2 + Hibernate 4.2.7. I downloaded the last version of RF 4.5.8. I was using ...
    Edilmar Alves
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  • Strange behavior on dataTables on dynamic tabs.

    I've noticed a strange behavior on the <rich:datatable> and their <rich:dataScroller> when they are created through a set of dynamic tabs using <a4j:repeat> The behavior in question is that if I use...
    Luis Garcia
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  • Spacer gif URL wrong after upgrade to JBoss 8 (RF 3.3.3)

    I'm doing an upgrade from JBoss 6 to JBoss 8 (WildFly). The version of RichFaces 3.3.3 has stayed the same. Several places in the code call the RichText spacer, like this:       <rich:spacer he...
    Matthew Alexander
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  • CommandButton not invoked in Richfaces Popup Window when doing edit

    In a Parent Window i have a List and two commandButton First commandButton will add a new record in the table.When user will click on this button a popup Window will open, user will give value and submit list will re...
    askkuber kuber
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  • TogglePanel wizard validation

    I've created a wizard using rich:togglePanel component (similar to this on RichFaces Showcase). I want to validate the inputs when the "Next" button is clicked, but skip the validation when the "Previous" button is cl...
    created by martam
  • RichFaces 4.5.x FileUpload not Working with Weblogic 10.3.6 - Servlet 2.5

    System setup: RichFaces 4.5.6 (also tried all 4.5.x versions) MyFaces 2.1.17 Spring 4.1.7 Hibernate 4.2.19 Weblogic 10.3.6 (Servlet 2.5)   File upload was working fine with Tomcat 7 (Servlet 3.0), but when ...
    Neal Brenner
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  • Serious compatibility problems during migration

    Morning, everyone.     Atm, me and my team are working in a migration from 3.3.x to 4.3.x first, ideally preparing the way for the latest releases, namely the 4.5.x branch. Despite the enourmous changes in ...
    Jorge Carvalho
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  • a4j:form replacement in richfaces 4.7.3

    Hello,   In my xhtml, I have a4j:form which contains a4j:commandLink and a4j:commandButton of type="submit". When there is some changes done on the page and any of the commandLinks are clicked, the onsubmit attr...
    Krithika Raghunath
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  • Commercial support for RichFaces 4.x

    Is there any commercial support available for RichFaces 4.x? I'm working on the migrating allication from JBoss EAP 5 (RichFaces 3) to EAP 6 and need to make recommedation what JSF library to use. Converting applica...
    Andrey Yamshchikov
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  • Using a CSS framework with RichFaces

    I am just a newbie to RichFaces and now studying how to use responsive CSS frameworks with RichFaces. It there any guidelines to integrate a third-party CSS framework to RichFaces-based application?
    Kaz Nishimura
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  • rich:popupPanel doesn't work correct after migrating to 4.5.7.Final

    Hi all,   we have some rich:popupPanel's with dynamic content and all of them set to autosized = true. For example one rich:popupPanel contains a rich:collapsiblePanel (switchType = client) that is closed by def...
    Marco Bulau
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  • Rich Notify Window not disappering from Page?

    I am using <rich:notify/> for displaying error/notification messages and used below code inside Popup Window   <rich:notify stayTime="2000"           &n...
    askkuber kuber
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  • How to Show Notification Message in Richfaces PopUP Panel ?

    What is my Problem ? For me error/information/notification message working fine for all Non Popup JSF pages but in case of Popup, message showing is not working. I have design the JSF page like this <html ...
    askkuber kuber
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  • In Richfaces Datatable, Searching/Filtering doesn't work if amount with "." is entered

    In Richfaces Datatable, Searching doesn't work if amount with "." is entered   in "Amount"  existing value with ".", is entered  e.g. "10.00" and click outside. I won't work and filtering shows zero r...
    chidananda unchi
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  • FocusManager on PopupPanel

    Hi all,   i'd like ti use server side FocusManager on a PopupPanel but it seems not work when the PopupPanel is displayed for the first time.   After the first ajax submission it start to work propertly. &...
    Flavio Palumbo
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  • Expanding richtree and then refresh after that expand collapse images gone?

    <h:commandButton id="custResetButton6" style="width:30px;height:30px;border:none;background:none;" styleClass="button-color" value="#{bsmPortalLabel['button.common.refresh']}" image="/resources/images/refreshGrey.p...
    askkuber kuber
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  • a4j:ajax gets ignored in combination with a composite component?

    Hello all!   I've got a problem with a4j:ajax in combination with a composite component. The a4j:ajax gets ignored when I add it via clientBehavior to a composite component, while f:ajax works just fine. I'm us...
    Patrick Fittkau
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  • rich:column sorting not working with sortBy attribute

    Hello All,   rich:column sorting not working with sortBy attribute Am working in richfaces 4.5.2 java 1.7 Am referred one sample from richfaces showcase with Built in Sorting   But it not working, here ...
    Vipinlal T
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  • Going to create new project with Wildfly 8.2 and JSF 2.2

    Going to create new project with Wildfly 8.2 and JSF 2.2   Someone please help me what all configuration can i need to do for approaching to make new project.   Like what all jar files need to download an...
    Vipinlal T
    created by Vipinlal T
  • RF ResourceServlet not working after upgrading from RF 4.3.4 to RF 4.5.1

    Hi   I am trying to upgrade from RF 4.3.4 to RF 4.5.1.Final but suddenly the packed.js, packed.css and jquery.js files cannot be loaded anymore: >localhost:8080/MyAPP/org.richfaces.resources/javax.faces.res...
    Immo Benjes
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