• rich:popupPanel in richfaces 4.5.13 use some space at the bottom of page

    I put jars for richfaces 4.5.13 in web application, in pages which have include rich:popupPanle I see additional space on the bottom of pages. I look throug firebug and I see that rich:popupPanel render(use some space...
    Damir Kovacevic
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  • rich:autocomplete is not working

    I am working on richfaces migration from 3.3 to 4.2. I am stuck with the replacement of rich:suggestionbox tag with rich:autocomplete tag.   Richfaces 3.3 code, (It is working code)   <rich:suggestionbo...
    Sudha Raj
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  • which version of richfaces should work with websphere smoothly?

    Dears,  nowadays we are working on upgrade richfaces 3.3.3.Final to richfaces 4.xxxx, so kindly advise which richfaces version should work smoothly on websphere app server
    Ashraf Gaber
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  • Only First row "input text" - onclick- cursor position not going to the beginning of text box

    Hi,   When I click only on first row input text box the cursor is not setting to the beginning of text area. Other rows are working fine.   please find screenshot:   The code is:   <!DOC...
    Gopal Herkal
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  • a4j:commandButton, actionListener, event.data always false

    I have a a4j:commandButton labeled "add" that brings up a rich:popupPanel to perform an add action in a modal dialog. The Save and Update buttons:   <a4j:commandButton id="cmdSaveModalCommentEdit"  &nbs...
    Arnie Morein
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  • RichFaces Migration from 3.3 to 4.5

    Hi All, Currently application is developed on JSF 1.2 and RF 3.3.0 platform, Now as per the requirement we need to migrate application to JSF 2.2 an RF 4.5 version. JSP Part is OK for now. Can any one please share co...
    Sumeet Srivastava
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  • Select highlighted value on click of tab button in rich autocomplete

    hi,   I want rich autocomplete to select highlighted value on click of tab button, Is there any way to do so?   On click of enter key, It select's highlighted value, I want same thing to happen on use of t...
    Sachin Rajmane
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  • <rich:select> behavior

    rich:select is behaving weird. On selecting items with same label but different values, its behavior is different. Code used is given below.     <h:form id="loginForm">     <rich:sele...
    Yudhir Bhattarai
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  • Chrome 44 version tabindex is not working.

    Hi,   I know this is a browser specific issue but I just thought this is the best forum i know to bring the issue up.   Only in Chrome 44 version when I click on text box field and then press tab key , ins...
    Gopal Herkal
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  • Rich Faces file upload failed with runtime error in Websphere server environment

    Hi Team,   In our application, when we try to upload a file using Rich Faces component in the Websphere server environment, the server throws below runtime error. The complete error description is given in the ...
    Ramu Avusali
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  • R.4.Final how can i set width in autocomplete?

    How can i set width in rich:autocomplete?
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  • ExtendedDataModel getRowKey() always returns null

    Currently working on an upgrade from richfaces 3.3 to 4.5. I am trying to migrate a class that was previously a SerializableDataModel and working to an ExtendedDataModel. The it seems to display correctly but when I d...
    James Land
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  • a4j:push does not recreate listener thread for JMS messages after connection is lost

    Hello, I have encountered strange behaviour when using a4j:push component in application. I am using Websphere, JSF 2.0, and richfaces 4.5.11. There is a Jms server and a applications server. Jms server hol...
    Michał Malicki
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  • Help with custom tag attribute

    I have a custom tag that is composed by a <h:outputLabel /> + <h:inputText />. I need the maxlength to be optional. The problem is that when I use <f:attribute /> I get a class cast exception. Tag: ...
    Felipe Jaekel
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  • a4j:commandButton is  not firing the event in the Single Click.Only on Second Click event fired ???

    Hi,   a4j:commandButton is not firing the event properly.only on second click event is fired properly.Why this behaviour is observed in Richfaces. After migrating my application this is the final and last bug?H...
    Siva P
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  • How to use showpopupPanel in RF4x?

    Hi,   How to use showModalPanel in Richfaces4x?Can i use like below?How to use showpopup in the javascript file.??   RF 3X: Richfaces.showModalPanel('wait-dialog');   RF4X: Richfaces.showpopupPanel(...
    Siva P
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  • Issue with Richfaces 4.5.12.final and atmosphere dependency

    Hello, I am currently upgrading from richfaces 4.3 to Richfaces 4.5.12.final I am running it on Tomcat 7.0.54 I've included the new Richfaces dependency as follows:   <dependency> <groupId>org.richf...
    Brett Williamson
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  • commandLink inside h:panelGroup with rendered condition is not working

    Hi,   I have a simple commandLink inside a HTML table which is rendered based on a condition. Below is the code. On click of command button "Search", "ajaxDataListing" output panel would rendered. However, after...
    kk n
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  • Components on included page are not re-rendered

    Hi, I have a main xhtml page main.xhtml which has two includes search.xhtml and add.xhtml. On hit of search button, action method is invoked and oncomplete function is executed as well. However, the outputpanel "listR...
    kk n
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  • In RF 4.2.2 rendered attribute is not working for jsf tag panelGroup in .xhtml page

    Hi,   Currently I am migrating my old application RF 3.3.3 version to RF 4.2.2 Version. The below code works fine in previous version and 4.2.2 Version not working.   Here rendered="#{shortIdReport.rowCou...
    Siva P
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