• Weird behavior with RF5

    I have a button to display a popuppanel, after clicking on it for the first time the popup is displayed without loading data, after the second click it works fine.   What is the difference between the first clic...
    David Cohen
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  • Problem with selection on extendedDataTable built with c:forEach

    Hi, I have in a page a extendedDataTable built with c:forEach because the data that can contain it depends on some input fields. The problem is the data is shown perfectly but the selection on the table rows is not wo...
    Joaquín Carrasco
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  • Composite component rich:column

    Hello everyone,   has anyone managed to create a composite component for a rich:column working inside a rich:extendedDataTable? My meager efforts didn't yield any results so I will probably just create a facelet...
    Michael Colin
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  • Richfaces 4, rich:fileUpload error with the inputStream

    Hola,   I have the following error with the component rich:fileUpload.   I have this fileListener: private UploadedFile item; public void fileListener(FileUploadEvent event) {      i...
    Ivan Chacon
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  • Richfaces Re-render not calling validation

    I have a Richfaces (3.3.1) page with a form containing number of components. Some of these components are mandatory, so the required attribute is set to true. I have a commandButton (C1), which calls a server operati...
    Some Kid
    created by Some Kid
  • Richfaces 3.3.4-Blank Page only in IE

    I am working on migrating the application from myfaces 1.1 to myfaces 2.1.5 and using JBoss EAP 6.0.0   In my application we have so many scriplets so I decided to keep the .jsp page and configured with richface...
    Raghu Marimuthu
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  • Error when using rich:columns

    Hi   I am using Richfaces 3.3.3 and trying to implement an ExtendedDataTable to display data with a varying number of columns by adding the r:columns attribute to the table   // Namespace declarations <...
    david hickman
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  • javax.faces.PROJECT_STAGE and Obfuscation

    Hi,   this blog (http://lukas.fryc.eu/blog/2012/02/optimizing-resource-loading-with.html) says , sort of, when the production setting is used, javascript code is going to be obfuscated.     "Packaging...
    Mehmet Salgar
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  • rich:editor and rich:fileUpload after dynamic ui:include display problem

    I am having the following issue with both the rich:editor and the rich:fileUpload after a dynamic ui:insert as follows:   <rich:tab >   <ui:include src="#{mbrAction.mbrCommunityAction.registration...
    Tim Snyder
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  • Infrequent AJAX Request Failure

    Hi All,   I'm facing one issue where the request are failing infrequently. The application works fine and at times some requests are hanging. This is happening when I click on any of the a4j:commandbutton / a4j...
    Youth You
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  • rich:editor doesn't render

    Hello,   I am trying to use rich:editor of RichFaces 4.3.5 with Glassfish 4 and JSF 2.2. During the execution of the web page, the following JavaScript errors appear: Uncaught SyntaxError: Failed to set the 'inn...
    Serge Rogatch
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  • RF5 - Strange behavior

    I have a button which redirect to another page, the first time I click on it, I get in the console the following error message:   <update id="j_id1:javax.faces.ViewState:0"><![CDATA[3452443148330635927:4...
    David Cohen
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  • rich:dataTable header background-image is transparent

    Hi all, i try to upgrade Richfaces from 4.3.1.Final to 4.3.4.Final. I open my xhtml page with rich:dataTable but table header is white instead blue. dataTable generates background-image resource. Old URL for backgro...
    alexey plotnikov
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  • rich:select render problem

    Hi,   I have a UI problem on my application, using the rich:select component. (RichFaces 4.3.4 FInal)   I have a rich:select component nested in a <div id="appContainer">, nested in another <div i...
    Giampiero Torrielli
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  • rich:calendar not considering datePattern correctly?!

    Hello everyone,   I'm using the rich:calendar component:   <rich:calendar   ...   id="inpToCalendar"   showWeeksBar="false"   datePattern="#{msg.datePattern}" enableManualInput="tr...
    Sebastian Mellmann
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  • Java version Richfaces 5

    Hi everybody.   I'm having this error while migrating from R4 to R5 alpha3 in a Project that work with java 6.   Caused By: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/richfaces/servlet/ResourceServlet : ...
    Nestor Armando Bohorquez
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  • <rich:editor>  don't work (RF 4.2.1, mojarra 2.1.7)

    When i use it only appears a textarea (code: <rich:editor value="#{editor.value}"/>).
    Ivan Drago
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  • RF 4: rich:tree selectionChangeListener not invoked

    Hi,   I'm using RF4 via maven with <org.richfaces.bom.version>4.0.0.Final</org.richfaces.bom.version> having trouble with the new rich:tree. The concept and the examples in the showcase look really ...
    mt le
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  • How to reset form fields and rerender the form?

    Hi,   I'm stuck at pretty simple task: I have a search form where the search criteria are stored is SearchCriteriaSession bean, so it could be remembered and pre-filled. And I want to add reset button to that fo...
    Jiří Holuša
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  • Need help with Richfaces CDK

    Hello, i read this and this articles. But i cannot understand how to write my own component. This is description of what i want:   MONDAY: TIME_FROM - TIME_TO TUESDAY: TIME_FROM - TIME_TO WEDNESDAY: TIME_FROM...
    alexey plotnikov
    created by alexey plotnikov