What is New in RichFaces 3.2.0


Environment changes

  • JSF 1.1 and JDK 1.4 support is dropped

  • So only JSF 1.2 implementation and Java 5 and higher is supported now

  • Framework now uses JSF 1.2 API


New components:


  • Combo Box

  • Inplace Input

  • Inplace Select

  • Progress Bar

  • File Upload

  • Columns

  • Pick List


New Features:


  • DataTable Sorting

  • DataTable Filtering

  • Calendar Month and Year manual selection

  • Objects selection for suggestion box

  • Standard components skinning

  • Client-side EL functions

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Bug Fixes


More than 900 bugs and developers requests were fixed.




New components in the guide


New feature in the guide

  • RF-1740  Data Table: sorting and filtering


Improvements in description of the components

  • RF-2768 toolBar description: possibility of custom separator definition

  • RF-2181 Skinnability examples are improved for components

  • RF-2098 DnD in IE6 problem is described for dragSupport component

  • RF-1137 Tree component is rewritten

  • RF-2100 modalPanel: synchShow method description is added

  • RF-2099 a4j:support as a facet

  • RF-2681 ClientId new functionality is described

  • RF-2190 Add onitem events for toolbar are described

  • RF-2060 <rich:dataFilterSlider> skin and classes description is added

  • RF-2060 "immediate" attribute for inputs is described

  • RF-2060 Table cells rerendering is described

  • RF-2276 scrollableDataTable and multiple drag & drop example are added

  • RF-2196 dropDownMenu component disablement possibility is described


Improvements in chapters and sections

  • RF-2408 JSF standard components skinning

  • RF-2145 Scripts and Styles Load Strategy section is updated

  • RF-2060 Richfaces usage on Oracle



Guide build improvements

  • RF-2060 Components chapter splitting is fixed