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Weekly Editorial

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There is alot to report this week in the open source and JBoss Community.  I thought I would start off with a today in history moment.  American teacher and journalist Noah Webster (1785-1843) was born in West Hartford, Connecticut on October 16th.  His name became synonymous with "dictionary" after he compiled the first American dictionaries of the English language.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary was first published in 1828 as An American Dictionary of the English Language.  From 1787 to 1789 he was an outspoken supporter of the US Constitution.  One of the great achievements for JBoss is that JBoss Middleware is used globally by many cultures that use many different languages in many different countries.  We are proud to be a global open source community.

Now on to our Community Weekly Recap.........

Releases, releases, releases...and more releases!


  • Teiid 8.12 Final Released - The Teiid Team announced 8.12.0 Final. They have resolved 147 issues (features, enhancements, bugs) in this release.
  • Forge 2.20.0.Final (Silver) Released - The Forge Team announced 2.20.0 Final.  What's new included Better Performance, Deprecating your old comments and options and Component upgrades.
  • Arquillian Universe 1.0.0.Alpha1 Released - The Arquillian Team announced 1.0.0.Alpha1 of the Arquillian Universe Component.  The project aimed to fulfill two main requirements: Simplify the Getting Started Experience and Unify naming and versions.
  • Hawkular Metrics 0.8.0 Released - The Hawkular Metrics Team announced 0.8.0.  The release is anchored by major enhancements for metrics query aggregation, updated container support and performance and stability enhancements.
  • Apache Camel 2.16 Released - Claus Ibsen went through the Top 11 highlights of the Apache Camel 2.16 Release.
  • Fabric8 2.2.51 Released - Claus Ibsen also walks us through getting started deploying and running Java Applications on fabric8 or more precisely an OpenShift or Kubernetes Platform.
  • Keycloak 1.5.1 Released - This release contains a moderate impact security fix.


Fuse Examples


Infinispan Examples

Microservices this week


Tools this week

Highlighted Events

  • Christian Posta describes Microservices Day which will be held in NYC on November 4th.
  • Kris Verlaenen describes Devoxx Belgium which will be held in Antwerp November 9th through 13th.
  • Phil Simpson, Maggie Hu and myself will be hosting a webinar on Building a business application in 60 minutes on October 22nd.  The webinar highlights multiple Middleware products used together in a Insurance scenario which includes Red Hat Mobile and JBoss BPMS.


Additional Highlights


Ansible and hybrid cloud management, OpenStack and Containers

As I have had some questions concerning Ansible and Red Hat, I thought I would include a link here for those that are interested.  Ansible and Ansible Tower is an IT automation and DevOps platform that provides significantly simplified multi-tier application deployment and IT automation across hybrid clouds.  Ansible will help Deploy and manage applications, Speed service delivery, Streamline OpenStack and Accelerate container adoption.


Looking forward to a new week in the World of JBoss....

This is really incredible to discover every week what happened during the previous week. You felt that nothing new, trendy was out and finally after digging into the different emails, tweets & forums, you can always find amazing news and info to share with the community.

RedHat JBoss Developer Studio & JBoss Tools

One of the great announce of this week is certainly the release of JBDS9 supporting Eclipse Mars and the new JBoss Tools release. There are many new features and improvements. The full list of what is new you can find on this page. Hundreds of bugs have been fixed on JBoss Tools side but they have also continued to work on making Eclipse better and contributed to many Eclipse projects: Web Tools, Docker, Maven Integration, JavaScript, Hybrid Mobile Tools and many others.

Some of the more significant highlights concern the new Openshift3 tool which help to develop kubernetes applications, improvements did around the Docker tool & the Java EE7 Batch tool.


Integration with Apache Camel

Even if the release hasn't been yet published on the Apache web site of the Camel project, the Apache Camel 2.16 release is out since this Friday. This new release proposes around 10 new components which are really great as it will be possible to generate pdf content (camel-pdf), to expose HTTP-based endpoints using the HTTP Server part of the Wildfly platform (camel-undertow), to transform JSON to JSON messages (camel-jolt) or to use the MQTT client of the Eclipse Paho project (camel-paho).

Another dataformat will be supported with the camel-boon data format component to transform from/to POJO to JSON. The DSL language of Camel has been enriched to support script execution using this syntax :


  .script().groovy("// some groovy code goes here")


while it will be possible now dynamically calculate the endpoint where the message must be send



Fabric8 & DevOps

The Open Source Fabric8 project which has been designed around the OpenShift 3 platform & docker container technology provides a DevOps tool to generate a Continuous Delivery project top of docker containers. This DevOps Tool uses behind the scene JBoss Forge to edit the steps of the  process to create the environment as a collection of commands. During the creation of the cd-pipeline project, it will be possible to grab the required information like the name of the git repo, to enable the synchronization of the git repo with the Gerrit Code Review server or to specify which jenkins groovy script must be used to setup the jenkins jobs, ... The information collected will be used next to setup the different pods required to put in place the cd-pipeline : Gogs - Git Management Platform, Gerrit Git Code Review, Nexus Maven Repository server, Jenkins Server, Letschat - Chat Server integrated with a Hubot Server, Taiga - Project & Issues management.




This DevOps tool has been demonstrated this week during the RedHat EMEA Partners conference by Charles Moulliard.

Blog Articles

- Camel & Swagger in action by Claus Ibsen which explain how to use the new Swagger 2.0 spec with Camel & how Camel can generate from the model read the Swagger AP=i documenting the REST endpoints

- Quick Tip: Running Wildfly Docker image on Openshift Orign by Markus Eisele

- A WildFly Swarm JAX-RS Miroservice in a Docker Container by Markus Eisele

- Quick Tour : JBoss BRMS the basic Install Project - Video by Eric Schabell

- Updates in the Docker Tooling by Xavier Coulon

- Update Modern BPM Data Integration with JBoss BPM Travel Agency by Eric Schabell

- Turn your static static config into dynamic templates with MVEL by Paolo Antinori

- Critical HL7 Use cases with Camel, ElasticSearch & ActiveMQ by Christian Posta


Releases, releases, releases


On top of the Apache Camel 2.16, already mentioned above, the rest of the JBoss Community has not been resting, idle, and has delivered, as always, a fair amount of new version in the last week:


Incredibly enough, this week, there is no Docker related news (at least in the JBossverse) ! ! ! But don't worry this does NOT mean, this weekly is empty, far from it. Indeed, on the week jBPM and Wildfly lastst releases, there is a a lot of interesting material to peruse into, so buckle up and let's go !


BPM & Rules



With the released of both jBPM 6.3 and Drools 6.3, the last week, BPM has a been the focus for many people in the JBoss community. First of all, if you have no idea or prior experience on the topic, you may want to use the discount code on the book "Mastering jBPM6". Indeed, I do still believe that reading an actual book is an excellent to get into a subject, especially, when - like it is the case with BPM, it comes with a long history and rich ecosystem. Of course, in our ages of learning technologies by reading a couple of blogs and/or watching a couple of video, you might want something a bit more "hands on", but rest assure, as always Eric D. Schabell has thought of you and released three more videos on BPM Quick Tour series:


Some interesting stories around jBPM have been released also last week, including the Google Summer of Code 2015 Success Story: jBPM Mobile (MGTW) , but also a technology highlights: jBPM and BPMN 2.0 workflow creation and a in depth article: Lienzo for new jBPM Designer and Drools Decision Tables.

Last but not the least you are living in Chile or Argentina, or going there in November, you might be quite interested by the upcoming Drools Workshops Chile/Argentina (Nov/15) happening over there.






Infinispan is an excellent project, bringing the power of data grid storage and computing to the Java ecosystem on top of giving a new youth to the JCache API. If you want to learn more about Infinispan (and its associate Red Hat Product, JBoss Data Grid) and attend the Red Hat EMEA Partner Conf 2015, please come to my lab on 5 Things You Should Know on JBoss Data Grid for a quick, and hands on, introduction to the matter.


If you are already familiar with Infinispan, a couple of very interesting articles has been released last week. The first one is Infinispan: Memory based eviction - and eviction being at the core of the product, you will certainly appreciate this nice walk-through from William Burns of the internal design. The other one is the first of a series of article from Thomas Qvarnström on JBoss Tech Blog: Scaleable Events with JBoss Data Grid - part 1 Overview of Events. Events in Infinispan are a very simple and yet powerful way to implements logic on data changes or insert, leveraging the very scalable and distributed nature of the grid. Just take a peak at this article and I'm sure you'll see what I mean here


Wildfly 10 is coming...


... Soon. So soon in fact, that WildFly 10 CR2 has been released and that Markus made a nice overview of its key feature: Java EE 7, Java 8, Hibernate 5, JavaScript Support with Hot Reloading. Enjoy the preview, and rest assure, you won't be waiting for too long for the GA.



Technological bits (or bytes)


First of all, let's take it easy by starting with a video - no coding, nor reading to do, just enjoy the JBoss Fuse - Tools make your world go round, the slides and basics, and learn :

  • How to debug Camel application using the tooling provides.
  • Data mapping between POJO and XML, JSON with Dozer with drag and drops only.
  • Deploy and package an OSGi ready Applications.

Then, our own Kenny Peeples will take you through the  the new feature Data Virtualization 6.2. In case you are not aware of this, Data Virtualization is the Red Hat products associated to the Open Source project Teiid, which, by the way, have been recently named "Best Open Source Application" by InfoWorld Bossie Awards. A nice, simple read here again, but now let's go up a notch, and look at Narayana.

Narayana is the implementation of the Java Transaction Service, which is of course a crucial, internal part of our JEE server Wildfly. That being said, most likely - or at least for most of you, you will never interact directly with it. However, now that Narayana team has released a JTS Docker Container, it gives you the opportunity to easily test this framework and see for yourself the intricate complexities of transaction management (if you think that this matter is simple, try, like me to read Mark Little's book on the topic and call me when you hit the first bottle of aspirin...). IMHO, it is quite crucial to any application developer to have a fair grasp of transaction management - at least to know when NOT to use them and when you actually CAN'T go without them. This light docker container might be an easy for you to test it or demonstrate it*.

OK, let's go even further with OptaPlanner - How lucky are your random seeds ? But, on this one, I'll take the 5th amendment (even if I'm no citizen of the US), because my knowledge of OptaPlanner is sketchy at best, and to make it worse, I really suck at statistics and math. But if you are into any of those, you'll bet you'll find yourself a nice gift in this article...


* This docker container for JTS does not count as a Docker related news - not changing the title of this weekly editorial !


Releases, releases, releases


On top of the jBPM 6.3 and  Drools 6.3, already mentioned above, the rest of the JBoss Community has not been resting, idle, and has delivered, as always, a fair amount of new version in the last week:


20150901_090204.jpgIt's Thursday and as such time for another weekly roundup on latest JBoss news and features. It's been another week full of surprises, releases and how-to's by fellow Red Hat JBoss Middleware egineers and friends and going through it as the responsible editor once a week is a little bit of a time-machine experience. So, sit back, relax, grab a #coffee+++ and read through it while enjoying your lunch-break.



Red Hat Tech Exchange has taken place in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city two weeks ago, it was a great event held by Red Hat in Asia Pacific Region. Many of the technical marketing managers have been there and brought back some new technical presentations. Christina Lin and Thomas Qvarnström showed the audience how to Supercharge your integration services .  Another interesting blog by Christina was about how to Load Balance Quartz Cron Jobs with JBoss Fuse. Claus Ibsen blogged about Apache Camel 2.16 - Swagger Java and API documentation out of the box.



Our very own Eric D.Schabell wasn't vacationing this week either. He posted a couple of revamped quickstarts for the updated JBoss BPM Starter Kit: Quick Tour #1: JBoss BPM Suite the Basic Install Project and Quick Tour #2: Where to get JBoss BPM Suite product. If you're a Java developer and looking for the JBPM API documentation, he also knows how to get you there: How to setup JBoss BPM Suite 6.1 API (javadoc) documentation. A little cross technology synergy was raised by the OptaPlaner team: They showcased how to integrate JPA with Hibernate.


Hester Mofet - The rest of the week

For all you movie loving readers no need to explain that title (everybody else, check IMDB). The Keycloak project wrote down a longer experience post about their fun with REST API documentation. And I have a new post up after a while about Running OpenShift Origin on Windows. A little more specific the Infinispan team introduced you to the Infinispan Hadoop Connector. And we've seen a great wrap-up of one of our Google Summer of Code students about his experience with the Keycloak project. If you want to get 50% off of selected WildFly titles by Packt Publishing, check out my blog post for a discount code!


The Bossi Award for JBoss Teiid!

We are very proud to announce that Teiid was named one of the winners of the 2015 InfoWorld Bossie (Best of Open Source Software) awards in the business applications, enterprise integration and middleware category.


New Releases

Data Virtualization 6.2 Released!

JBoss Data Grid 6.5.1 is out

JBoss Tools CR1 for Eclipse Mars - more Docker, OpenShift and WildFly 10

Infinispan 8.1.0.Alpha1

ShrinkWrap Resolver 2.2.0 Released

Weld 2.3.0.Final released!

Teiid 8.12 Beta3


And A Goodbye

Beside all the new releases and news, we had one loss this week. My fellow boss and friend Arun Gupta went on to new endeavors and left Red Hat with a last Au Revoir Red Hat blog post. We wish you the best for your new gig Arun.


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

Another week in the JBoss Community is almost over. Time to sit back and relax with a decent cup of coffee to reflect a bit about the news and releases that the week brought us.


Security Is Hot

With another popular breach a couple of weeks ago, the topic gained more attention again. But we have some security content for you to educate yourself and help making software secure. A post about secure Vert.x apps helps you getting started with securing vert.x web applications. It is by no means a comprehensive guide on web application security such as OWASP. Standard rules and practices apply to vert.x apps as if they would to any other web framework. The post will cover the items that always seem to come up on forums. And the first recordings from this year's JavaZone conference are already up. One of them is from my talk about "Securing Your Java EE Applications" and it outlines the key capabilities of the Java EE platform and introduces the audience to additional frameworks and concepts which do help by implementing all kinds of security requirements in Java EE based applications.


Java EE, Weld and WildFly

The recent Java SE 8u60 update revealed some issues with the CDI implementation Weld. And we released WildFly 10 CR1 last week! And there is already an OpenShift cartridge available with it!


Persistence and Caching News

"Order, ooorder!" - Sometimes not only the honorable members of the House of Commons need to be called to order, but also the results of Hibernate Search queries need to be ordered in a specific way. And Infinispan introduced the new Redis Cache store and initial support for Apache Avro and Gora. Another Infinispan post about Simple cache introduces you to using Infinispan with Hibernate.


Integration News

In her post Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Tips, Driver not found in JBoss Fuse , Christina introduces us to solutions about JDBC driver class loading issues. And there's also a very nice blog post about How to reason about queue depth graphs. This came out of field experience and will help your in communicating about ActiveMQ problems.


We Are Hiring!

The Developer Experience and Tooling group, of which JBoss Tools team is part, have a set of job openings available. We are looking to continue improving the usability for developers around Eclipse and around the Red Hat product line, including JBoss Middleware. Topics range from Java to JavaScript, application servers to containers, source code tinkering to full blown CI/CD setups.


The Rest Of It

Mark Little gave a report about the Red Hat Tech Exchange 2015 and Eric Schabell is giving an outlook to the Red Hat Forum Benelux in his post.


New Releases


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

Ayuntamiento,_Ciudad_Ho_Chi_Minh,_Vietnam,_2013-08-14,_DD_03.JPGThis week I wanted to bring you some Highlights of the Red Hat Technical Exchange (RHTE) that occurred in Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, this past week.  Ho Chi Minh City is a beautiful place that is full of history and culture.  The picture to the left is the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Building, which used to be named Saigon City Hall.  It is not open to the public but it is a very popular tourist destination for pictures, especially at night when it is lit up.  The event occurred in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s vibrant business and entertainment district on the famous Dong Khoi street at the Sheraton.  Quinten Laureijs did an excellent job organizing the event.  The Asia Pacific Red Hat Tech Exchange is a yearly event for Red Hatters and technology and business partners to catch up on the latest trends in technology as well as best practices. This year's theme was Train (gain and apply knowledge and skills), Share (best practices and experiences) and Enable (your personal and customer success).


During the event Enterprise Products and Community Projects were discussed.  The first half of Monday was devoted to keynotes: Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen on Train. Share. Enable., Sachin Shridhar on Collaboration: key to enabling wins, Mark Little on Cloud, IoT, future of Java, Phyllis Fann and Larry Spangler on Communities Of Practice, Javier Perez on Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, James Labocki and Thomas Cameron on the Cloud, and Harish Pillay on Back to the Future.  The rest of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday revolved around internal and external sessions.  On Thursday and Friday additional add ons took place for a deeper look at some of the topics: Openshift v3.0 Implementation by Shachar Borenstein, Anuva Ambastha, Red Hat Mobile Application Platform by Hong Hua Chin, Kenny Peeples, and Openstack (Kilo) Implementation by Asaf Waizman, Glen West and the Devops/Agile Masterclass.


Now on to our JBoss Community Weekly Recap.........


Releases, releases, releases ... and some more releases !



Unified KIE Execution Server


Maciej Swiderski gave us a three part series on the Unified KIE Execution Server.  He has more planned so stay tuned.



Javascript, Node, Aerogear and Keycloak


Barbora Suchanová discussed Windows 10 app with integrated Keycloak OAuth 2.0. Team Aerogear provides many useful libraries not only for Android, iOS and Cordova. They developed OAuth2.0 Nuget package for Windows Phone platform enabling user to easily authorized through Google, Facebook and even through Keycloak.


This week I discussed Node and Mobility at the Tech Exchange.  I provided a workshop where you can learn about Git, Javascript and Node along with an example of Node connecting to Cloud Data Services.


Infinispan in depth


Galder Zamarreño continued with the blog series on the experimental Functional Map API which was released as part of Infinispan 8.0.0.Final. In his blog post he focused on how to work with multiple entries at the same time.


Now that Infinispan supports Java 8, William Burns discusses taking advantage of one of the new features.  He introduces for Infinispan 8, the feature Distributed Streams!  This allows for any operation you can perform on a regular Stream to also be performed on a Distributed cache (assuming the operation and data is marshallable).


Real World Example with Data Virtualization (Teiid)


I walked through a real world example of combining Product Code and Name from Salesforce and Product Code and Price from MySQL in a Virtual Database.  We also use the WebUI to build the data services as well as use Red Hat Mobile (Feedhenry) as a consumer along with the dashboard. Although the demo is built on Openshift the same demo can be done on premise.  You can find the steps and references here.  Some of the material came from the excellent Mark Drilling gave on the WebUI.


This week in Integration


Thomas Qvarnström discussed Scalable Integration with JBoss Data Grid and Fuse and points to the demo he and Christina Lin have provided everyone. By combining the agile, lightweight, Enterprise Integration pattern (EIP) based integrations using open source technology with scalable in-memory storage, it’s possible to achieve near linear scalability and boost performance of your integration services. If you want to learn more Christina and Thomas published the demo using JDG both for Claim check and for Publish-subscribe on JBoss Demo Central here.


Christina Lin discussed process and integration routes.  People often confuse when they look at camel route and BPM process, although they do look very similar as connecting different nodes with conditions and passing objects or messages, the way they are structured and engineered to execute is a complete different story.


Christina also provided  an example on Invoking Process in JBoss BPM Suite using CXF-RS Client in Fuse.


BRMS and BPMS this week


Eric Schabell gave us the 7 Steps to Your First Process with JBoss BRMS Starter Kit. He has even scheduled the digital sign for the next few weeks.  The next time you are in a Red Hat office somewhere in the world, keep your eyes peeled for the digital signage that is displaying all manner of news.


Maciej Swiderski discussed a very powerful feature of BPMN2 in jBPM 6.3 which is signaling.  It is realized by throw (send signal) and catch (receive signal) constructs. Depending on which type of signal we need it can be used in different places in the process.


Looking forward to this coming week in the World of JBoss.........

Hey, look ! It's me again ! And so, here I am again to welcome you to this brand new JBoss Weekly Editorial. Certainly a rich one, as the quiet work of the JBoss Community over the holiday period is paying off, and many blogs, articles, and releases have been done in the last week. Ready for some tech action ? Here we go...


On the architecture side of life...


Before diving into code and low level considerations, let's take a look at some high-level topics that were discussed last weeks within the community. The he interesting notes of Markus Eisele on Coding in a cloud-based enterprise - designing for distributed architectures ~ Enterprise Software Development with Java are certainly a good start, and will probably led you naturally to read Thomas Qvarnström"s JBoss Tech Blog entry on "How to add JBoss xPaaS images streams to OpenShift Enterprise V3".


Once those read, you'll be ready for the next, more gritty items coming right now !


And the developer's corner


You are back for holiday, you did not good, hack together and tinker with anything for a little while, and both your mind and heart are hurting for a new, interesting challenge. Well, you're in for a threat as the community has delivered many intriguing litte tutorial and "tips and tricks" for you in the last week:


Learning JBoss Fuse with BPM & BRMS


The potential power of using both a powerful integration tool such as JBoss Fuse with a business rules engine (BRMS) along with Business process management (BPM) is certainly attracting for anybody who has dwelved a bit in either technologies. Issue is, seldom people have managed to tackle both.

Fortunately this week, Christina の J老闆 is offering you a very Getting Started Home Loan Demo version 6.2, followed by JBoss Fuse - JBoss BPM Microservices Integration. Of course, if you are already familliar with Fuse, you might not know yet BPM. Not an issue,   Eric D. Schabell is here for you with his new starter kit : Launching Digital Sign for JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit. And once you'll be done with this one, guess what ? You'll get one for BRMS too : 7 Steps to Your First Rules with JBoss BRMS Starter Kit ! Isn't that swell ? 


Releases, releases, releases ... and some more releases !


To kickoff September as well as we could, the Jboss Community has released a lot of new version, including quite a lot of very important ones (in bold, if you want to be a bit picky, and only look at those):





A couple of upcoming events are worth mentioning this week. First, Eric D. Schabell's description of Red Hat Forum UKI 2015 in London

will probably make anyone closed enough to attend, so check it out. Also in Europe, but a tidbit more later on the EMEA Partner Conference, in Frankfurt, Germany, from 4th to 7th October, where I will be delivering (shameless plug) a lab on JBoss Data Grid (Infinispan).


That's all for this Editorial, and if you want more, well, it's impressive, because there is already quite a lot ! Please join us again next week when we will bring you more news from the communities surrounding the JBoss projects.

In a few days, most kids will be back to school, if not already, and holidays season will come to an end (for now).... It could be a depressing time, but don't worry, this editorial will bring enough thrilling news to make your coming back at work passionating !


Getting started with ... everything !


Start Your Engines

In a few days, school start again and it's probably a got time for all us of to also "get started". And this is so with perfect timing, the JBoss community has released many "getting started" in the previous week:



Disclaimer : some of those quickstarts will be mentioned again below.

Docking Point

Grand Canal Docks

Whenever I do this editorial, I often make joke about Docker as being the almost systematic "topic of the week". Well, this entry not be an exception, as

Ioannis Canellos entry on"Fabric8 Kubernetes and Openshift Java DSL" gives us, yet again, an interesting insight in the popular container technology. That being, I'm also happy to see that the fad is seems to be finally getting down a bit, and people start questioning if "Docker everywhere, for everything" is really the answer to all our problems (one day our industry will learn, one day...).


That's why I found equally interesting Thomas Qvarnström entry on"Application Containers is not a replacement for Virtualization", along with Containers in the enterprise – Are you ready for this?. Indeed, if Docker has certainly a lot of merits, it is - as always, good to know where to use it and where not to use it - in short, how to find your docking point.


Data Virtualization with Teiid


I'm quite happy to see that in the last years, Teiid (and the associated product JBoss Data Virt) have been getting a lot of attention, and a lot of interesting material about it have been released, blogged or twitted. Indeed, while part of the JBoss community since a long time now, this very powerfull tool that is still a tidbit of a mystery for many people.


But at least for those living in Europe, now that Teiid and Data Virtualization are going to be a focus the EMEA Partner Conference

, they have a chance to catch on ! And if you can't be in Frankfurt, on the 5th of October, don't worry, you can always catch a glimpse of Teiid magic by following this Easy Getting Started Example with Data Virtualization for Developers !


Security :Database Authentification & Authorization with Elytron


In the last year, security have been a raging topic, especially with hacks as public as the one of Ashley Madison (or the far less impressive one of TV5 in France), so it is certainly a good idea to take a little tour of Wildfly security subsystem, Elytron, following Pedro Igor's WildFly Blog: Using a Database to Authenticate and Authorize Your Users in Elytron.


Wildfly Console Updated and Feedback Requested !


If you have been in the JBossverse for a long time, you might remember the high quality user experience of our very first JMX console with a mix feeling of dread and panic   (BTW, I loved the JMX console, but I also read my email with mutt and chat over irssi, not sure I'm the right customer for fancy UI). Of course, we've been doing some major progress in this area for years now, and the current webconsole provided with Wildfly is pretty slick.


Nonetheless we still aim at making it better, so please checkout Arun Gupta's entry on WildFly Admin Console Updated - Feedback Requested

and take the time to give us some feedback on how you will like to see it enhance.




Langing for some "hard core" C programming, and low level grittyness ? Take a pick at the impressive Dirty Trick: Launching a helper process under memory and latency constraints (pthread_create and vfork).

Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial, this week bringing you a double dose of news as we try to catch-up on a selection of Community news that has been published over the last two weeks.


BRMS, BPMS and Fuse with Christina and Eric



Limiting Requests with APIMan


In the sixth article in his series on the JBoss API Management framework, Len introduces us to the management policies that are designed to limit the behaviour of client requests.  As of APIMan 1.1.6 we have access to the Rate Limiting policy, a Quota policy and a Transfer Quota Policy, each of which can be employed individually to throttle requests or combined to provide a solution with greater flexibility.


Improved LDAP Integration within KeyCloak


If you have been paying attention to the work taking place within KeyCloak then you are likely aware of the existing LDAP integration.  With the release of KeyCloak 1.3.1 this integration has been greatly improved through the inclusion of LDAP mappers, providing you with greater flexibility in specifying which data can be synced to KeyCloak and written back.


Hawkular Alerts


One of the most interesting aspects of the  Hawkular project is the alerting service provided by  Hawkular Alerts, a component that provides the ability to define flexible triggers based on complex reasoning over events raised within your application.  In order to demonstrate these capabilities Lucas has created a video that covers the installation, configuration and use of Hawkular Alerts and has combined this with an introductory post covering some of the details that are of interest when watching the video.


Asynchronous Processing with jBPM


The release of jBPM 6.0 saw the inclusion of the jBPM Executor component, responsible for handling the background, asynchronous processing within the jBPM process flows, and is a capability that has been enhanced as part of the jBPM 6.3 release.  In the first of two articles Maciej covers the jBPM Executor, describing its capabilities and how it works, and then follows this with his second article where he discusses some of the enhancements that have recently been made to jBPM 6.3 through a real use-case.


Infinispan's Functional Map API


The Infinispan 8.0.0.Beta3 release introduced a new experimental map-like API that uses lambdas to interact with data, allowing you to take advantage of the new functional programming and asynchronous capabilities that are now available through Java 8.  In the first part of a series covering this new API Galder takes us through the motivation that led to its creation, answering some key questions and setting the scene for the remainder of the series.


Server Side JavaScript


One of the more interesting new additions to  WildFly  is the introduction of Server Side JavaScript support, an experimental feature enabling the internal Nashhorn JavaScript engine to be used within your deployments.  By way of an introduction to this feature Stuart his written a tutorial showing how to write a simple HTTP endpoint, how to extend it and return JSON, how to inject resources from JNDI and CDI and how to integrate the Mustache templating engine.  Now is the time to provide feedback on this feature so please take time to go through the tutorial and provide feedback to the team.


JBoss Out and About


Arun will be travelling throughout September, October and November to deliver his Docker and Kubernetes Workshops, visiting nine countries in four continents.  He will also be involved with the Silicon Valley Code Camp, a community event taking place on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th where developers and children can learn from other developers.


November 16th through to November 18th will see the inaugural Devoxx Morocco event taking place in Casablanca, an event previously known as JMaghreb.  Markus was fortunate to attend last year's event and has since joined the program committee selecting the best talks for this year's event.


New Releases


The Hibernate team have released Hibernate ORM 5.0.0.Final, Hibernate ORM 4.3.11.Final and Hibernate ORM 4.2.20.Final.

The RichFaces team have released RichFaces 4.5.8.Final.

The JBoss Forge team have released JBoss Forge 2.18.0.Final.

The Infinispan team have released Infinispan 8.0.0.CR1, Infinispan 7.2.4.Final and Infinispan Spark connector 0.1.

The JBoss Tools QE team have released RedDeer 0.8.0.Final.

The Hawkular team have released Hawkular Business Transaction Management 0.3.0.Final.

The Errai team have released Errai 3.2.0.Final.

The Teiid team have released Teiid 8.12 Beta1.

The WildFly team have released WildFly 10.0.0.Beta1.

The Arquillian team have released Arquillian Drone Extension 2.0.0.Alpha5 and Arquillian Spring Framework Extension 1.1.0.Alpha1.

The WildFly Swarm team have released WildFly Swarm 1.0.0.Alpha4.

The Hibernate Search team have released Hibernate Search 5.5.0.Alpha1.

The Teiid Designer team have released the next milestone release of VDB Builder.


That's all for this extended update from the Editorial, please join us again next week when we will bring you more news from the communities surrounding the JBoss projects.

34116489_527e153c4e_m.jpgHoliday season all around us. People slow down a lot because of the ongoing heat and even the project news and weekly newsletters are late this week. But we're all doing the best we can: Sitting in the backyard, feet in the pool and trying to make it bearable. Welcome to this weeks news in Red Hat JBoss Middleware ecosystem. (Title image, CC-BY-NC by Toni Lucatorto)


WildFly, Microservices and Containers

As it is still a very hot topic, which could be better to start of the hot summer edition of the weekly newsletter with latest news in this section. Followed by the new WildFly 9.x and 8.x releases last week, I wrote something about how to not only run WildFly on OpenShift Online, but on latest OpenShift v3 with full Kubernetes support. And Arun added some best practices to collect logfiles from those installations with ELK. And even later, I also added another post about how to scale and loadbalance WildFly with Kubernetes and OpenShift v3. Not directly related to microservices or containers, but also part of the broader set of technologies to build upon is Hibernate. And there's been some new articles around Handling queries on complex types in Hibernate Search or Map me if you can - Advanced embeddable mappings.


Integration News

Claus introduced us to a new feature in the upcoming Apache Camel release which will be about Apache Camel 2.16 - Show me all my incoming and outgoing endpoints in real time.

Last but not least, Rich looked into why TIBCO has some valid points about open CORE integration technology. Eric Wittmann walked us through the latest changes in apiman and told us that Plugins - Not Just For Policies Anymore. And Christina updated all her integration demos on jbossdemocentral.org to latest Fuse 6.2: Read about one of the updated examples in Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Getting Started Home Loan Demo version 6.2 Part 1 and Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Getting Started Home Loan Demo version 6.2 Part 2.

BPM Suite And Processes

And no, Eric D. Schabell doesn't sleep at all. He kept updating his readers with latest workshops and information: Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite - Online Workshop Building a Travel Agency (Lab 04 - Create Data Validation Guided Rules). And also makes us aware, that there is an upcoming Webinar: Developing process-enabled applications with BPA and BPM tools.

IoT And Big Data

Kenny came up with a couple of posts this week about What is the Hadoop Ecosystem? and also introduced us to Suggested Minimum Requirements for Data Virtualization Server and Designer.

Hot Summer Releases

WildFly 9.0.1.Final and 8.2.1.Final are released

Infinispan 8.0.0.Beta2

Arquillian Container Chameleon 1.0.0.Alpha4 Released

JBoss Tools beta2 brings some Bower to Mars

Teiid 8.12 Alpha2 Released

Keycloak 1.4.0.Final released

Hibernate Validator 5.2.1.Final

Hawkular, all good things make three!

Third Candidate Release for ORM 5.0


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

If you are not already on holiday, you'll probably be soon (or you are already back from them) - in any case, the JBoss communities are never on the break, and this week, last the ones before, comes a fair of exciting and interesting news (and yes, stuff about Docker).


Monitoring Wildfly and your Vert.x apps


In the last year, with the emergence of the DevOps initiative and the adaption of Java since the early 2000s, the topic of monitoring (and handling operation) of JEE server has been under an increasing focus. Especially because many administrators had an hard time grasping JVM related concept

and integrate the available JMX metrics inside their own tools (or scripts). However, if all metrics and operation on Wildfly

Monitoring DevOps Style With WildFly 9 And Jolokia ~ Enterprise Software Development with Java


Along those lines, the new project Hawkular, which aims at replace the previous RHQ as monitoring and operations managements tool for Wildfly, has made an interesting demo on Monitoring a Vert.x Application using Hawkular BTM, go check it out !


Data Virtualization and Hadoop


Kenneth Peeples, one of our very own Evangelist, has been diving deep into the integration between DataVirt  and Hadoop, in Connecting to Cloudera Quickstart Virtual Machine from Data Virtualization and SQuirreL. He also took the time to do a thorough inventory of supported environment and products in the latest version of the Data Virt: Tested Integrations for Data Virtualization.


Note that Data Virt is the name of the Red Hat supported version of Teiid. Whatever you read in those article obviously applies to the associated version of the community project Teiid.


On the applications side


Along the lines of the previous section on monitoring, the following article discuss how to configure a Vert.x Application and it is certainly worth the read ! And if you are not (yet) using Vert.x to develop your latest webapp, chances are you are still going to be deploying some (or more probably a lot of) Javascript. In this case, you'll be delighted to hear that Bower support is coming to JBoss Tools !

BRMS and jBPM -  Processes, Rules and Events for everyone !

BRMS and jBPM are all over the place, and, as you'll see in this section, and you are bound to find something here that interest you ! Obviously, the first item is this new book on the topic: Processes, Rules and Events: Book: Mastering jBPM6. Certainly an excellent starting point, wouldn't you agree ?


Then, if you are use of Fuse, you'll be delighted to read this new blog entry from Christina on Enterprise application architecture with JBoss Fuse and JBoss BPM suite.

If you read this editorial on a regular basis, you must be aware by now that Eric Schabell has published a lot of workshop around JBoss BRMS. Well, now he even show you how to use it to build your own workshop or event on JBoss BRMS Workshop in a Can Getting Worldwide Love !

Last, but certainly not the least, Drools & jBPM: Validation and Verification for Decision Tables Update




As always, the Arquillian ecosystem has come with his share of releases ! Please check'em out, as they are both adressing quite difficult (and crucial) topics :



It maybe Summer, but it's still 2015, and no week should go by without at least mentioning Docker ! Rest assure, our famous Arun Gupta brilliantly took care of that by discussing Kubernetes Design Patterns. Go read it, it comprehensive overview of the high concept of Kubernetes and how it would apply to your software architecture.




Quite unknown in the Java universe, the Red Hat Software Collections are very practical and provide an excellent environement for developers to work on. Last week article on Red Hat Developer Blog on Using Software Collections Toolset For Your Own Applications offers a nice overview if you wish to learn a bit more about those...

That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities.

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Editorial where we take you through some of the work that has been taking place within the community over the past week.


Kubernetes, Docker and Swarm


We begin this week's editorial by taking a look at a number of posts written by Arun, covering topics including Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and replication in Kubernetes.  His first post demonstrates how to set up a multi-container application using Docker Compose and Docker Swarm.  He follows this up with two posts discussing kubernetes and its replication controller, first demonstrating how the replication controller can automatically restart pods when necessary before moving on to discuss how to use the replication controller to modify the number of instances of a running image, scaling a cluster up or down.


Camel on WildFly


Marcus has written three posts this week discussing how to use Camel on WildFly to solve some problems you may face.  In his first post he demonstrates how to leverage Camel routes within JavaEE components through integration with CDI, JSF, JAX-RS and EJBs.  He then looks at how to use the HornetQ JMS bridge to integrate queues from a backend Weblogic server into WildFly, testing the integration using Camel, before ending the week by taking a fresh look at a demonstration written by Christina Lin and showing how the same application can be developed using JPA and CDI integration with Camel.


BRMS Goodies


This week has seen Eric provide updates to some of his BRMS goodies.  He began by providing an update to his BRMS Cool Store Demo, taking advantage of a number of the fixes that have gone in to JBoss BRMS 6.1.1 to showcase its features, and then followed up by introducing a canned version of a workshop that you are free to use with any audience, whether a JUG, JBUG, work group, a conference or any other.


Hello Vert.x


If you have already heard of Vert.x then you will know that it is a project that enables reactive applications to be developed, relying on event driven and non-blocking features to scale applications with minimal hardware requirements.  To help you get started with this we have two "Hello World" tutorials, the first demonstrating how to develop a Vert.x application using java and the second demonstrating how to develop a Vert.x application using javascript.


Visual Editor for JEE Batch


The tooling team have added a new visual editor to support JSR-352 batch files, an API that provides support for Batch applications within the Java platform.  The editor is now available in JBoss Tools 4.3 and Developer Studio 9 for you to try out.


Hibernate Search Roadmap


Sanne has recently spent time updating the roadmap for Hibernate Search and has now provided a summary of the major aspects currently under development, also including some information on the direction they wish to take with future efforts.


Camel In Action, the sequel


Claus and Jonathan are writing a second edition of their popular Camel In Action book, a major rewrite of the first one.  As well as updating many of the existing chapters they are including six new chapters covering many of the new features that have been introduced into Camel over the recent years.


Hawkular Alerts


Hawkular Alerts is a new project spawned out of the experience learned during the development of the RHQ project, providing  fast, scalable alerting as part of the Hawkular Monitoring project.


VDB Builder


The Teiid team are busy developing a more versatile VDB editing tool called VDB Builder, a command line tool allowing the creation, editing and management of dynamic VDBs and their content.  Their first milestone release is now available and is ready for you to start experimenting.


JBoss Out and About


Arun and Devoxx4Kids were recently seen in London at the Minecon 2015 convention where they were fortunate to present their Minecraft Modding workshop to approximately 200 kids.  The workshop was a success with many kids experiencing their first opportunity to develop software through extensions to a game they love to play.


New Releases



That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities.

For those of you in the US reading this a day late ... Happy 4th of July


We've a lot to cover this week as despite the fact many people have been recovering from the hectic week at Summit/DevNation, life and work must go on! So for a start let's look at something not necessarily associated with JBoss: Minecraft. For those of you in the know, however, you'll understand that not only is Minecraft based on Java but it also relies on Netty! A while back we announced that we had joined the Devoxx4Kids community; well this weekend our very own Arun Gupta and his son will be running the Devoxx4Kids Minecraft Modding Workshop at Minecon in London (helped by yours truly!).


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.12.13.png

We all know that last week was Summit, but it turns out that a new conference was also kicked off in Barcelona. JBCNConf was attended by several of the Fabric8 team and Claus gives a great overview of what happened there. Which ties in quite nicely to the release of Fuse 6.2, which Christina writes about. As Christina states, one of the important new features is RBAC: "Another important new feature is the Role Base Access Control. Powered by JAAS implemented. Many enterprise needed this in real production environment, what this does, it authorized user's right on access the Fuse console, JMX, command line mode and the service allowed in OSGi." Claus also has a great article on getting up and running with Fuse 6.2 quickly.


Now of course we have the usual flurry of entries summarising Summit and DevNation. Including one from Eric with his usual BPM focus, Mark Proctor talks about his presentation (with more related here), Arun (again) has a nice piece on Summit with lots of photos, and of course there's the Summit Keynote demo to watch again!


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.20.50.png

Some releases to note include 0.1.0 of the Hawkular Business Transaction Management project, which Gary discusses along with how you can monitor SwitchYard applications with it. Hot on its heels is Heiko talking about the Alpha2 release of Hawkular. JBoss Data Grid 6.5 is out!


If you're a LiveOak fan then you should take a look at the latest entry from Ken talking about its future.


And last but by no means least, WildFly 9 Final is out!!


OK that's it for this week. And I'll be on holiday soon, so it'll be down to the other editors to take you through the summer

All the hard work preparing for the DevNation and Red Hat Summit has come to pay off as Red Hat wraps up Summit Week and DevNation also comes to a close.


All About DevNation and Red Hat Summit Boston 2015

If you weren't able to make it check out this recording of the keynote and demo from the JBoss team.

Check out the recording of keynotes for DevNation over at Devnation.org 

And, of course, the big announcement was the strategic partnership announcement between Samsung and Red Hat

Follow more about the Summit on the Summit Blog

Also check out a cool story about Devoxx4Kids at the summit.


Specific DevNation Sessions/Keynotes to check out:

Rx.js Session at DevNation

Matt Hicks on The Future of Development with Kubernetes and Docker


Elsewhere in things JBoss:

Brian Che talks tenets of DevOps here and here.

A new episode of "Camels in Space!" by Claus Ibsen (not to be confused with Pigs in Space).

Eric Schabell talks design to execution in BPM Suite: From Design to Execution with JBoss BPM Suite & Signavio Process Editor

Harry Mower talks about the announcement of developers.redhat.com : developers.redhat.com - Learn More. Share More. Code More

And Gavin King talks Constructors in Ceylon



8.11 Final Released, Support for OData V4 and SAP HANA

Immutant 2.0.2 Patch Release

Hawkular-Metrics 0.4.0 release and the way beyond

Docker 1.7.0, Docker Machine 0.3.0, Docker Compose 1.3.0, Docker Swarm 0.3.0

Released jBPM Migration Tooling v0.14

Developer Studio and JBoss Tools arrive on Mars

JBoss Fuse 6.2 is out!

RichFaces 4.5.7.Final Release Announcement

redhatsummitattendees.pngThis week has been busy for alot of folks getting ready for DevNation and Summit.  With more than 170 sessions and labs, 8 keynotes, parties, and receptions, Red Hat Summit has something for everyone as shown in the infographic to the right. From business and technical sessions to hands-on labs to 1:1 conversations, there's something for each level of interest and need during Red Hat Summit. 

For Developers, in addition to Summit, this year's DevNation event will have four general sessions to capture our imaginations, inspire our work, and spark the conversations that move us forward. Our keynote speakers are ready to bring it.


Here’s what you can look forward to.

- Freedom of choice. With 5 tracks, including sessions, panels, and labs, learning opportunities abound. Or you can hang out in our developer zone and charge up on coffee and electricity.

- Freedom of speech. You don’t have to network, but if you do, you’ll never find a cooler group of people.

- “Free as in beer.” Can you really know what “free” means if you don’t have a free beer in your hand? (But seriously, we have a few fun social events planned, and the hops will be freely flowing.)

- Freedom to break and create. We’re going to hack like hell over 4 full days. We’re dedicating 2 evening events to it, and you might win prizes even into the wee hours of the next morning.

- Freedom to roam. DevNation is co-located with Red Hat Summit, so you don’t even have to leave the building to attend both conferences. Do both at once in the shared track.

Developer Position Available

The Fuse team is looking for an Eclipse Developer to primarily work on JBoss Tools Fuse tooling.

Win Prizes at DevNation Code Challenge!


Join us Monday, June 22, 6:00pm-11:00pm in Room 200 at DevNation in Boston!  Show off your coding skills and win prizes at the DevNation Code Challenge! Using showcased technologies from cloud, mobile, and data services--plus your creativity--you’ll build an extraordinary project with friends (or on your own). Judges will choose winners from the projects built and presented during the session. The winners will walk away with awesome prizes and bragging rights (until next year).

Summit by Day, Party By NIght


Visit the Red Hat booth in Hall D at Red Hat Summit where you can see our awesome line up of demos and pick up a card with the party details which is being brought to you by the Application Platforms Business Group.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Conferences, Meetups and Webinars


Mobile, Microservices, and More...


This week's Releases:


Infinispan 7.2.3.Final - A few bugs have been found and fixwd in the Infinispan 7.2 branch.

Drools 6.3 SNAPSHOT - The team has rewritten the internal parts of our code that deal with multi-threading to remove a large number of synchronisation points and to improve stability and predictability.

Wildfly Swarm 1.0.0.Alpha3 - The team has fixed some things, enhanced others, written some tests, and generally knocked it together a little sturdier.

Keycloak 1.3.1.Final Released | Planet JBoss Developer - The team has done alot of improvements with this release.

Arquillian Container Chameleon 1.0.0.Alpha2 - In Alpha1 the definition for the JBoss AS / WildFly containers were hard coded. In Alpha2 we’ve externalized the configuration.

Bean Validation TCK 1.1.4.Final - BVTCK-68, which is about the removal of two tests from the TCK which could not be tested in a portable manner across containers. Check out the issue itself for the complete story.

Forge 2.16.2.Final - JBoss Forge 2.16.2.Final is now available

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