Hello all,


In the following links you can find some videos to start using JBoss EPP + SP:



(1) http://vimeo.com/28189934


In this one you will see:


- Run a clean instance of JBoss EPP 5.1 + Site Publisher

- Create a new workspace in SitePublisher

- Create a new drive and adding functions.

- Upload new content.

- Create new portal page linked to new content.


(Sorry, the video quality is not high and interesting content starts at 05:00 minute)


(2) http://vimeo.com/28203506


In this another one you will see:


- Add function "add translation" to WCM view.

- Create documents in several languages.

- Link translation to a document.

- See how portal shows a document selected by your locale.


(3) http://vimeo.com/28204917


In this last one you will see:


- Create a new taxonomy of categories.

- Add categories to a content.

- View categories through a portlet page.

- Filter content by categories